‘This Visceral Landscape’ exhibition

Rod Vervest and Amanda Keesing enjoying the ‘This Visceral Landscape’ exhibition. Photo Keith Bradby.

‘This Visceral Landscape’ exhibition opened last night at the Vancouver Arts Centre in Albany. A big crowd was there to see Keith Bradby open the exhibition of photographic images and video-sound works by Louise Allerton and Julian Knowles. Visceral means instinctual, primitive or gut. But my reaction to the works was from the heart and emotional. Perhaps these reactions are visceral – I’m still thinking about it. Louise’s gentle images of familiar landscapes created with a polaroid camera are soft and moody giving rise to emotive responses. And Julian’s soundscapes are motionally evocative too. We all know a movie producer uses sound to set the scene. Julians’ use of the local weather information to create a musical score was fascinating.

Thank you Louise and Julian for giving us a new ‘look’ at our very old landscape.

Keith Bradby (centre) opens ‘This Visceral Landscape’ exhibition for Louise Allerton and Julian Knowles. Photo Amanda Keesing.
Crowd at the opening. Was lovely to see so many teenagers there. Photo Amanda Keesing.
At the opening. Photo Amanda Keesing.


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