Where we work

Gondwana Link stretches across over 1,000 km of some of the biologically richest parts of Australia. This diverse region contains:
    • over 75% of the flora species in south-western Australia and over 20% of Australia’s flora species;
    • several of the centres of plant diversity and endemism identified within the Southwestern Australian biodiversity hotspot;
    • the largest habitat areas remaining in southern Australia and the most complete faunal assemblages in southern WA (and possibly southern Australia);
    • 17 of Australia’s 23 main vegetation groups (Australian National Vegetation Assessment 2001);
    • the world’s least disturbed area of Mediterranean habitat;
    • numerous climatic refugia and arguably the most climatically buffered section of the southwest Australian biodiversity hotspot; and
    • an impressive collection of some of Australia’s longest-standing environmental, Landcare and NRM groups.

To support efficient environmental analysis and the development of cohesive operational strategies we have split the Link into three broad zones which reflect their different needs and characteristics:

  • Forests


    The forest zone of Gondwana Link is broadly defined by the 750mm rainfall isohyet and includes the tall karri, tingle, jarrah and marri forests.

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  • Central Zone

    Central Zone

    In the central zone, the focus is on connecting and consolidating the remaining habitats through large scale and high-quality restoration, while also increasing the scale and effectiveness of conservation management across different tenures.

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  • Great Western Woodlands

    Great Western Woodlands

    This rich tapestry of woodlands, mallees and shrublands connects Australia’s south-western corner to its inland deserts. It is a land of granite rock islands, of shrubby plains, of mallee and red dirt, ironstone ridges and tall open woodlands.

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By donating to Gondwana Link you will be helping us to reconnect country across 1,000km of south-western Australia.

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