Collaboration and building capacity


While Gondwana Link operates across a 1000km long landscape, it is the groups and individuals working in each area who are achieving substantial change on the ground. Lasting change across the larger landscape comes from the combined impact of these smaller local programs working cohesively.  Gondwana Link’s core team works to build and maintain as much cohesion between all the separate efforts as we can.

Collaboration takes many forms – working together to plan and implement project work, sharing learnings and knowledge, utilising shared standards and methodologies, supporting each other with problems, and celebrating successes together. To re-connect nature, we connect people.

Building Capacity

Since inception, the Gondwana Link vision, and the programs to achieve it, have attracted considerable extra funding, technologies and people to work in various parts of the Link. But much more is needed and urgently – in a rapidly changing world yesterday was the best time to achieve a reconnected landscape, though right now is second best. The good news is that we have all been ‘practicing’ – we now know how to restore landscapes at scale. We just need to add more funding, more good restoration practitioners, more support for First Nations people, more support for the many landholders involved – more of more in effect.  There are many initiatives underway to increase capacity, from our support for ‘Give Local’ fundraising through to philanthropic and corporate approaches nationally and globally.

As well as strengthening capacity for work in Gondwana Link we provide support for large scale connectivity programs both within Australia and further afield, through a close working relationship with the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative and a wider network of existing and emerging initiatives.



  • Collaborative feral cat control program

    Collaborative feral cat control program

    The Albany and Surrounds Feral Cat Working Group aims to undertake best practice feral cat control and are looking for solutions to address issues arising from the stray cat population.



By donating to Gondwana Link you will be helping us to reconnect country across 1,000km of south-western Australia.

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