Ngadju Conservation team review actions and plan next steps

The group that met in Norseman to discuss current priorities for Ngadju land management. Photo Amanda Keesing.

The last 3 days have been very rewarding. The Ngadju Conservation team and others met in Norseman to review their priorities for Ngadju land management. During the discussions the older Ngadju women expressed a desire to get out on country with the younger women to clean out rock holes, find bush foods and medicines and hand down their knowledge to the younger generations. There is now a plan to make this happen.

With Paula Deegan’s assistance the Ngadju Rangers reviewed the progress they have made on the year one Conservation Action Plan (CAP) strategic actions. Everyone was pleased to see how much has been achieved and that the CAP implementation is broadly on target. Well done to all involved especially the Ngadju Rangers and Mike Griffiths who mentors and guides the ranger team. And all the best with your next year of planned work.


The women discuss their priorities. Photo Peter Price.
The men had a separate discussion on their plans and priorities. Photo Peter Price.
The Ngadju ranger team discuss their progress on the Conservation Action Plan for Ngadju country and plan the work for the next year. . Photo Amanda Keesing.


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