Invest in the future

An important part of achieving ecologically healthy landscapes, and sustaining them for the long haul, is to have a range of commercially viable businesses and investments involved in the work.  While Gondwana Link would not exist, and have continued being achieved, without the generosity of numerous individuals, the number of self-sustaining enterprises that make a real contribution is also steadily increasing.

The range of opportunities is diverse, but with human ingenuity and astute thinking a key ingredient.

We have assisted individuals and businesses in a number of useful enterprises, from the rise of the restoration economy as larger areas are planted, through to increases in the capital value of farmland, and the fact that replanting areas of poor soil can add to a farm’s value and profitability rather than detract from it. New enterprises, such as carbon sequestration and native sandalwood production have a role, as does servicing visitors and camps.

We are always happy to discuss opportunities with people thinking of their investment options, and maintain strict confidentiality.


By donating to Gondwana Link you will be helping us to reconnect country across 1,000km of south-western Australia.

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