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Leave a bequest

There are many ways to contribute and be part of building Gondwana Link on the ground. Giving time, skills and funding are amongst them.

We welcome your commitment and contributions, whatever form they take.  If you are considering supporting Gondwana Link through a bequest in your will then we recommend you do so through a lawyer, who will understand some of the finer legal points of your gift.  Subject to that advice, we suggest the following wording:

‘I bequeath, free of all debts and all duties and taxes, [insert here the details of the bequest] to Gondwana Link Ltd (ABN: 57 138 516 944) or its successors, for its principal purposes. I declare that the written receipt of the Secretary or other authorised officer of Gondwana Link may be accepted by my Executors as a full and complete discharge of this bequest.’

Financial advice may also be useful, including for taxation purposes, as bequest or testamentary gifts of property to Gondwana Link, including land, buildings and shares, may be exempt from capital gains tax.

Our undertaking to you is that this bequest will the good work you have supported in your life to continue after your passing.

But we do urge you to consider a ‘living will’ – planned giving during your life so you can enjoy watching the work of building a better world happen.

We welcome discussions on either option. As a conversation starter, here are some questions and answers on some of the items that have been raised in other discussions on bequests.


By donating to Gondwana Link you will be helping us to reconnect country across 1,000km of south-western Australia.

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