Testing Restoration Tourism

Practice tour trip at Nowanup with Elder Eugene Eades and Gondwana Links Keith Bradby. Photo courtesy of facebook.com/ABCGreatSouthern

A great day out piloting a new approach to attracting visitors and showcasing some of the magnificent biological richness and impressive work across Gondwana Link. A farm being restored to greater productivity and biodiversity, Noongar culture finding its own space and support to help its own people, and some very impressive results from managing, restoring and scientifically documenting a key part of the Link. We have been working with Friendship Force to test ‘restoration tourism’ and it is working a treat. Many thanks to Sylvia Leighton and Peter Mackenzie, Eugene Eades and Alison Goundrey for telling your stories on the day, and to Eddy and Donna Wajon for ‘loan’ of their property. And to the Albany Friendship Force folk for their very enjoyable company. Well done Don Titterton!

Here is the full story from facebook.com/ABCGreatSouthern


Albany man Don Titterton says biodiversity is the key to selling the Amazing South Coast, and he’s teamed up with an international organisation Friendship Force to bring people from all over the world to see what the region has to offer. Friendship Force is a group of people who are interested in different cultures, and take time to visit each other’s countries for a week, getting to know different cities and ways of life. Don Titterton said people from America and beyond have already registered for the new tour, which will take place on October 8.

“Biodiversity is the key to selling the Amazing South Coast,” he said. “Albany is in the top 25 in the world for biodiversity.”

Mr Titterton said this inspired him to produce a 12-day tour of the region, including birds, plants, geography and Indigenous culture. He said he will invite Friendship Force people from all over the world to come and see Albany.

“They’re interested people,” he said. “We have ten definites at the moment, and we have set our target on 30.”

He said he had a practice run yesterday, taking a tour bus out to Nowanup at Boxwood Hill.

“Originally for that trip I ordered a 13-seater bus,” said Mr Titterton. “We had to increase it to 24 seats.”

Mr Titterton said the tour project is all volunteer based, and is fuelled by his desire to promote Albany.

“This is what Albany should be doing.”

“When you tell people to go to the gap and places like that, that’s only a two hour thing… I’m talking keeping people here for up to five days at a time.”

Mr Titterton said other additional tours will be organised through Gondwana Tours for the general public.

Practice tour trip at Nowanup. Photo courtesy of facebook.com/ABCGreatSouthern
Practice tour trip at Nowanup. Photo courtesy of facebook.com/ABCGreatSouthern


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