Preparation for a major restoration effort

Cleared land on Chereninup at the time of purchase by Bush Heritage Australia. Photo Olivia Millard.

The Australian Bush Heritage Fund is moving rapidly to secure a strategically critical 877 ha property on Chereninup Creek, about halfway between Stirling Range and Fitzgerald River national parks. Over 800ha of the property is valuable bush, ranging from York gum woodland to sandheath, with a great patch of very long unburnt Dryandra sessilis (Parrot bush). While legal settlement of the purchase is still some months away, plans are afoot to revegetate the small paddock area on the north-east side of the property, so as to strengthen the very tenuous connection between Peniup and Corackerup Nature Reserves. Bush Heritage will work with Greening Australia on this, and the OK has been given for seed collection to start on the property, ready for large-scale plantings in the coming winter – a first for Bush Heritage and a first for Gondwana Link. Thank you to the Bush Heritage donors who made this possible and to Bush Heritage’s Stuart Cowell and Phil Cullen for driving the purchase process.

Blue hibiscus (Alyogyne huegelii) flowering in scrub on Chereninup Creek Reserve. Photo by Chinch Gryniewicz
Freshwater pool in granite bed in bushland, Chereninup Creek Reserve
Proteaceous sand heath in evening light Chereninup Reserve. Photo Chinch Gryniewicz
Proteaceous sand heath or Kwongkan – a Threatened Ecological Community. Photo Chinch Gryniewicz
Chereninup Creek Reserve is valuable habitat for the Malleefowl, as evidenced by the many large nests (used and in reserve) on the proeprty. Photo Jack Mercer


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