‘Invisible Country’ – Bill Bunbury’s new book on south-western Australia

Bill Bunbury

‘Invisible Country’ – Bill Bunbury’s new book on south-western Australia, was released last week by UWA Press, and it’s a ripper. To quote the blurb ‘Invisible Country is a reminder that the land owns people, not the other way around, and marks the beginning of a conversation about understanding and care for a land we are all lucky to live in’. Buy the book now, and spend your Xmas with a number of the people working in Gondwana Link, along with key locals who have been part of the long journey that has brought us from the earlier clearing times to this great era of large scale repair and restoration. We’re all there, squeezed into the pages of some key chapters. Please join us and Bill for the Albany launch of the book on the evening of January 12th at the WA Museum – Albany.


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