Good news for Christmas.

Amanda Keesing with her photos showing the progression of the restoration at Yarrabee.

Good news for Xmas – we are making a difference, there is cause for hope and joy. Here’s the ever smiling personification of good news, good will, good work and Gondwana Link, Amanda Keesing, showing off some of her photography. This year we have had, once again, the pleasure and honour of proudly showcasing the outstanding work done by so many groups, businesses and individuals to achieve Gondwana Link at the only place it really matters – on the ground. These photos show but one example from many: change on Yarrabee Wesfarmers Reserve, adjoining Stirling Range National Park, where Greening Australia is restoring 600ha of very sandy ex-farmland. Time lapse photos are from April 2006, July 2010 and March 2015 (and you can work out which is which!) and there is lots of wallabies and other wildlife back already. 2015 was another significant year for us, on lots of fronts, spiced by the joy of seeing lasting change for the good. We thank you all for your support and interest, and look forward to sharing a rip-roarer of a 2016 with you.



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© Raana Scott - Carnaby cockatoo in flight, flame grevillea