Gondwana Link at the King’s Park Wildflower Festival

UWA Landscape Architecture students. Photo courtesy Ian Weir.

The UWA Landscape Architecture students who attended a field workshop in Fitz-Stirling during August have now designed, constructed and staffed a large display on Gondwana Link at the King’s Park Wildflower Festival in late September. As Professor Grant Revell explains in UWA newsletter: “They designed and presented an exhibit made up of the name tags of 2,565 known plant species growing in the Stirling Range and Fitzgerald River national parks. The species names were displayed as tags with the map of the area printed on the top edge of the tag. Any missing tags would result in an incomplete map, making reference to the importance of every individual species in the area and its contribution to the biological richness (from ground level, the mounted tags looked like a miniature forest; from above they made a map of the area). The exhibit communicated the rich biodiversity and scale of the plants in the area, as well as representing the work of Gondwana Link – at a scale in which the bigger picture is seen by understanding the small parts.”


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