Great Western Woodlands fire February 2015

Despite the local emphasis on firm and decisive ‘rapid response’ to fires in the Great Western Woodlands, a lightning strike between near Lake Hope, between Hyden and Norseman, has now burnt for almost two weeks, blackening some 120,000 hectares of woodland, heath and mallee. The local teams were on the job pretty smartly, and consider the fire was almost contained within its first four days. They were then instructed to pull back as it was considered the fire would put itself out when it ran into previously burnt areas. Unfortunately, the winds shifted, as they do, and the fire raged again. It has now apparently burnt over 112,000 ha. in a broad arc over 50kms wide. Our support and sympathy for the frustrated fire-fighters.


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© Raana Scott - Carnaby cockatoo in flight, flame grevillea