What a great couple of days

David and Barbara Thomas at the launch the the Thomas Foundation Conservation Challenge. Photo courtesy of the Thomas Foundation website

Gondwana Link’s Keith Bradby was a guest at two major lunches and launches, one in Melbourne and the next in Sydney, in which David Thomas announced the Thomas Foundation’s $10million challenge grant ‘to arrest the decline of biodiversity in Australia’. Arranged in conjunction with, and managed through, the Nature Conservancy Australia program, these funds will match dollar for dollar donations to three major programs in Australia, one of which is Gondwana Link. So we had better get our skates on to make the most of this wonderful opportunity.

Our admiration and a big thank you go to David and Barbara Thomas for both their astuteness and their generosity. David has stressed to us that he is not giving away any money, he is investing it in all our futures. What a great attitude.

Thanks also to The Nature Conservancy, particularly Michael Looker, for their wise nurturing and support of this great initiative.


By donating to Gondwana Link you will be helping us to reconnect country across 1,000km of south-western Australia.

© Raana Scott - Carnaby cockatoo in flight, flame grevillea