So rewarding to surveying Monjebup’s bush

Libby Sandiford and Angela Sanders undertaking a vegetation survey at Monjebup. Photo Jessica Wyld Photography.

And you would be laughing too, if you’d just worked out that, per area, the patch of bush behind you was at least as rich in plant species as the Stirling Range and Fitzgerald River National Parks! Albany based botanist Libby Sandiford (pictured here with Bush Heritage ecologist Angela Sanders) has recently completed a major plant survey of Bush Heritage’s main Monjebup Reserve, recording ‘570 native taxa occurring in an area of less than 1200 hectares’. The list includes, we gather, some that may prove to be new to science and await further taxonomic work.

When the Gondwana Link program started we were all focused on connecting important natural areas. Through the work of Bush Heritage and others we are increasingly confirming that the small bits in-between the major national parks are at least as important as the parks themselves. Holly Moley!



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© Raana Scott - Carnaby cockatoo in flight, flame grevillea