Restoration Not Revegetation?

RestorationNot Revegetation Workshop participants. Photo Barry Heydenrych.

There is a big difference between the two, and to achieve Gondwana Link we have to aim for ecologically effective restoration rather than just tree planting. So, to help move our thinking along, we asked a bundle of experts to join us at Albany’s Camp Quaranup to wrestle with the issue for a day. Fauna consultant Jan Henry said common sense is needed and when you’re looking for reptiles “there is no room for aesthetics – sheets of tin are best”. Entomologist and Head of Environmental Biology at Curtin University Professor Jonathan Majer argued that material discarded after mining operations could play a key role in new revegetation strategies: “We need to change our revegetation technique so that junk is thrown back in”. Dr Simon Judd said “it’s important to replace old logs when revegetating pasture paddocks as they were habitat for and a good way to reintroduce invertebrates”. We capped the seminar off with a visit the following day to Peter Luscombe’s property north of the Porongurups, which gave us an opportunity to review 20 years of revegetation/restoration work using a variety of techniques. Special thanks to presenters Wendy Bradshaw, Angela Sanders, Simon Judd, Jonathon Major, Neale Bougher, Mark Garkarkalis and Rob Lambeck, to SCRIPT for funds to support the day, and to Wendy for all the work she put in organising it.


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© Raana Scott - Carnaby cockatoo in flight, flame grevillea