Peniup restoration well underway

Direct seeding at Peniup. Photo Ami Vitale

Massive effort underway to achieve high standard restoration. Restoration work is well underway on the 2400 hectare Peniup property, purchased jointly by Greening Australia and Bush Heritage Australia. Greening Australia have secured carbon funding from Mirabella Lightbulbs for the first 250hectares, and a very detailed restoration plan has been prepared by Justin Jonson. Justin and Danny ten Seldam have busily transforming a bleak and somewhat degraded farm landscape. Fortunately the peak of their work coincided with the visit by Ami Vitali, so we now have a wonderful photographic record of the work. Ami stayed on the property with Margi Weir, who has taken up residence as Greenings Fitz-Stirling property manager.

Danny Ten Seldam, Keith Bradby and Margi Weir discuss progress. Photo Ami Vitale
Planting lines following the lands contours. Photo Ami Vitale
Justin Jonson on the job. Photo Ami Vitale
Planting lines are artworks in themselves! Photo Ami Vitale


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