Opening the gate that needs to stay closed

Balijup opening. Photo Louise Duxbury

A great day in the bush with a great mob of people and a great achievement. The Balijup Fauna Sanctuary has now been officially opened by Terry (Tuck) Waldron MLA, ably assisted by Alan Hordacre, representing his family. The 111 hectare sanctuary is now fully enclosed with a 4.3km fox, rabbit and cat proof fence, and all such critters have already been chased out in a massive community drive. The Hordacre family own 919 hectare at Balijup, which is managed for both agricultural production and wildlife conservation. 600ha of the property is bush, and a further 100 hectares are wetlands. HORDACRES ARE HEROES!! Balijup is one of a number of initiatives along the Stirlings to Forest section of Gondwana Link, and the Sanctuary was largely funded by LotteryWest. Basil Schur from Green Skills has worked closely with the Hordacres on this and other initiatives popping up all over the property, and Basil has given me a list of 23 organisations and well over 100 individuals who deserve acknowledgement and thanks. Can’t do all that here, but CONGRATULATIONS EVERYBODY!


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© Raana Scott - Carnaby cockatoo in flight, flame grevillea