Introducing Associate Professor Eugene Eades

Professor Jill Downie, Curtin University, with Associate Professor Eugene Eades. Photo Amanda Keesing.

Ladies and gentlemen. We’d like to introduce Associate Professor Eugene Eades from Curtin University, pictured here with his colleague Professor Jill Downie, also from Curtin. Eugene’s appointment as Adjunct Associate Professor was announced today, at Nowanup, by Professor Deborah Terry, Vice-Chancellor of Curtin, in a delightful ceremony which included the signing of a Statement of Intent between Curtin and Gondwana Link to establish the Nowanup Learning Centre (aka the Bush University). The concept behind this has been jointly developed (initially around a campfire of course) by Associate Professor Eades (gee I like writing those three words!) and Professor Simon Forrest, Curtin’s Elder-in-Residence. More on today’s important milestone for Curtin and Nowanup shortly.

Anyone following this Facebook page for any length of time will have seen postings of the amazing work Eugene has been leading at Nowanup (for 12 years now). We are so excited for our friend and colleague Associate Professor Eades (aka Euy).


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