Interesting quotes from Great Eastern Ranges Convention

Gary Tabor during his presentation. Photo Keith Bradby

Quote of the Conference at Great Eastern Range Connect 2022 in Brisbane: ‘Your science is world leading but your policy is shit’. That’s from Gary Tabor – Exec. Director of the Centre for Large Landscape Conservation in Montana, regarding our plight here in Australia. Bugger, I think he’s right. From the world’s first ‘National Wildlife Corridor Plan’ in 2012 (effectively binned after the election in 2013) to being global laggards has been a traumatic journey for many of us working at landscape scale, but you know what, we’re still here and still growing.

Especially good to sit proudly through a great presentation from Gondwana Link Chair and GER Board Member Virginia Young on why our work is so crucial globally in tackling climate change and its impacts.

Virginia Young about to present her talk on the important work of Gondwana Link. Photo Keith Bradby


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