Innovation to improve restoration

Simon Smale and Justin Jonson burning dryandra and banksia cones to release seed directly into the soil. Photo Jane Thompson

Restoration work is well underway on Bush Heritage’s Monjebup North property. When completed, and grown up, over 400 hectares will be returned to the bush, making a critically important link between all Bush Heritage’s Monjebup Reserves and the Corackerup Nature Reserve. A big step forward for connectivity in the Fitz-Stirling section of Gondwana Link. The restoration work builds on previous experience on Peniup and other properties, and the direct seeding machine developed, but also introduces some innovative techniques, such as the in-situ burning of dryandras and banksias to release seed directly into freshly graded rows (Bush Heritage’s Simon Smale and Justin Jonson from Threshold Environmental shown here in the heat of the moment).


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© Raana Scott - Carnaby cockatoo in flight, flame grevillea