Infill plantings at Yarrabee

Chayse Eades, Eugene Eades, Marlon Hart and Dean Bolton planting at Yarrabee. Photo Glen Steven

Yarrabee has probably been the most difficult site yet for restoration plantings in the Fitz-Stirling section of Gondwana Link. Water repellent sandy soil, some perennial grass weeds and wind tunnelling from the Stirling Ranges being part of the problem. Greening Australia has now completed this year’s planting of infill seedlings, with a great team pulled together by Eugene Eades, second from right here with fellow planters Chayse Eades, Marlon Hart and Dean Bolton. A larger team has also spent two weeks planting on Greenings Peniup property. And then it rained!

Planting at Nowanup. Photo Glen Steven


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