How to meet the challenge of large scale plantings?

Nigel Metz examines the action of a 20 disc Chamberlain plough. Photo Nathan McQuoid

Greening Australia is working to develop new planting techniques on the property we call “Cowboy Country’. Nathan McQuoid and Nigel Metz are adapting a standard 20 disc Chamberlain plough, the type of machine that ploughed in millions of hectares of chained and burnt bushland during the 1960s and 1970s. Re-named ‘The Green Plough’, it’s being trialled in the direct seeding of heavy clay soils. We hope it will re-seed bush at about 10 acres an hour, giving it greater capacity for direct-seeding large areas than traditional direct-seeding equipment.

The Green Plough in action at Nowanup. Photo Amanda Keesing
The Green Plough is designed to scalp and deliver seeds 5 rows at a pass. Photo Amanda Keesing


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