Healing the land at Chereninup

Group Photo – National Tree Day. Photo Craig Keesing

A large biodiversity revegetation project has been completed on the new Bush Heritage Chereninup Creek Reserve in central Gondwana Link. Bush Heritage supporters and Green Corps volunteers planted the last of the 50 000 seedlings into ground already seeded with indigenous species. This was the culmination of a huge amount of work by Jack Mercer of Greening Australia WA, with help from Gondwana Link’s Amanda Keesing, her husband Craig and a big posse of planting volunteers on National Tree Day. The much needed funding was secured from the Commonwealth Government’s Natural Heritage Trust Envirofund. Special thanks to neighbours Brian and Janet Penna for spraying the weeds, watering the seedlings for some weeks before planting, and providing infrastructure and assistance.

Jack Mercer gives the volunteers a demonstration of correct tree planting technique. Photo Amanda Keesing
Trays of seedlings waiting to be planted. Photo Amanda Keesing
A Green Corps team assists with the planting at Chereninup. Photo Amanda Keesing
Volunteers on National Tree Day at Chereninup, 2003. Photo Craig Keesing


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