Gondwana Link at Great Southern Science Symposium

Keith Bradby OAM and Dr Adam Cross at the Great Southern Science Symposium, 25 October 2023, releasing Gondwana Link’s quality restoration guide.

Gondwana Link was delighted to launch ‘Towards Achieving Quality Restoration in Southern-Western Australia’ at the Great Southern Science Symposium. This new guidebook brings together information that can help to improve the practice of ecosystem restoration in south-western Australia. We hope it will assist us all to identify the value of various restoration approaches and practices and highlight clearly why achieving quality restoration outcomes is so important in our part of the world.

At the symposium, CEO Keith Bradby spoke about ‘The state of the Link’ and our Dr Jim Underwood presented on ‘Clarifying intentions of cultural fire in the Great Southern’. Keynote speaker Dr Adam Cross addressed ‘Achieving quality restoration a critical imperative’ and launched Gondwana Link’s quality restoration guide for community feedback.

Shaun Ossinger of the Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee wowed us with his presentation about the purchase of the Eungedup Wetlands, and we thank him for his kind words about Gondwana Link/Keith’s role in its purchase.

Hearty thanks to the Great Southern Science Council for all the opportunities and conversations provided at the symposium.


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