Tootanellup Conservation Initiative

The Tootanellup Conservation Initiative is an exciting opportunity for the community to support the ecological restoration of a property in Gondwana Link. This project aims to strengthen the connectivity connection between the neighbouring reserves and significant wetlands. Tootanellup’s restoration will strengthen the habitat linkages from Mt Roe to Poorerecup Lagoon and through to the Stirling Range National Park.

Green Skills have undertaken significant work across Gondwana Link from restoration on private properties, fencing, protection of wetlands, education and community art programs and more. Green Skills identified the 50 ha Tootanellup property as an opportunity to undertake valuable restoration work as well as to develop a base for community education programs that support eco-restoration.

The property is located north east of Rocky Gully, and west of Mount Barker. It sits between the Tootanellup Nature Reserve and the  Water and Rivers’ Boggy Lake conservation reserve.

Tootanellup was purchased in 2020 with funds advanced by Green Skills. Since purchase a fundraising program has been launched to pay for the property then restore and manage it. Background information and a donation form is available here.

Flora, fauna and other ecological information is being gathered on the property and surrounding areas and a property plan has been developed. Surveys are being undertaken in the adjoining Boggy Lake Reserve including looking for the endangered Australasian Bittern. These particularly well camouflaged wetland birds have previously been sighted in the reserve.

The 17 ha of existing bushland (Yate, Wandoo, Jarrah, Marri, Paperbark and Banksia woodland) will be managed to retain and enhance its biodiversity value. This would entail monitoring for weeds, installation of bird and mammal nesting boxes, and development of a walking trail through the woodland.

In 2021 25 ha of cleared land will be direct seeded with local provenance seed as part of a high-standard, carbon offset funded program. The Nowanup Ranger have already been out at the property seed picking.

Additional information:

YouTube: Tootanellup Eco-restoration: Fundraising for a new property in Gondwana Link, WA.

YouTube: Boggy Lake near Tootanellup: Surveying for Australasian Bitterns.

This project is led by Green Skills. Contact Basil Schur for more information.


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