Cooking up a storm at the Bush University.

Curtin University Centre for Aboriginal Studies students and others at Nowanup

The Elder in Residence at Curtin University’s Centre for Aboriginal Studies, Associate Professor Simon Forest, has brought a group of mixed-course students to Nowanup. With little idea of what they were in for, the cohort left Nowanup on Thursday deeply moved and inspired by the Gondwana Link and Nowanup story. Several are keeping in touch and plan to return to Nowanup’s Bush University to further explore Noongar culture, issues, our incredible natural wonders and the ongoing work of achieving Gondwana Link.

Students spent time with seven different Noongar Elders during their trip and were welcomed to country at Nowanup, in language, by Aunty Eliza Woods (shown here tackling the food side as well). Under the leadership of Eugene Eades the group travelled from Nowanup to a number of important areas, including the massacre site at Kukenarup, and also Point Anne. Students worked together with the Elders to share our “two stories on the one land”, supported by additional knowledge from Ron Richards and Nathan McQuoid. Bush foods and medicines were well explored, with Jasper Trendall from Sea Dragon Botanicals demonstrating some of the modern uses for the ancient plants. It was exciting to see the power of cross-cultural dialogue in action around the fire at Nowanup, as deep learning became more than just a concept for these students.

We look forward to further such exchanges with Curtin University.

Curtin at Kukenarup
Eliza Woods doing a ‘cultural cookup”.


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