Bring on the rain!

Visiting senior scouts assist with planting in the Porongurups. Photo Lucia Quearry.

Lot’s of plantings happening across the Link at the moment. At Twin Creeks in Ranges Link they have scored the help of an energetic bunch of nine visiting Senior Scout Rovers, who spent the day planting Melaleuca seedlings into rip lines. The Friends of Porongurup have been fortunate to receive two grants, one from the ‘Biodiversity Fund’ through South Coast NRM plus a ‘25 Years of Landcare Grant’. By combining these and adding some of their own funds and lots of volunteers the Friends are restoring the low lying and slightly saline 60ha old paddock that had been cleared (by previous owners) on the western side of the reserve. Once restored, this will not only be another important piece of habitat in their Link, but also protect Gaalgegup Creek, which is fresh by the time it leaves the reserve. A number of the scouts had been cubs under former Scoutmaster Ian Barrett-Leonard, and were visit Ian and Rosie at Zarephath Wines. Doesn’t take long to get roped into planting work down here at present (though we hear they also managed to enjoy the views from the top of the Porongurup’s Castle Rock Skywalk).

Visiting senior scouts receive lessons in tree planting. Photo Lucia Quearry.


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