Boola Bardip officially open and showing our films

Wild Life Gallery curator Daniel Schoknecht with Gondwana Link project coordinator Margaret Robertson and Editor Teresa Ashton Graham.

Boola Bardip, Western Australia’s new museum in the centre of Perth,  is now officially open. During the planning for Boola Bardip Gondwana Link were delighted to learn that we were to be featured in the new displays. In the Wild Life Gallery, Gondwana Link has its own display area, which runs 8 short films giving a taste of some of the wonderful people across the Link, and their achievements. We have also contributed films for Future Farming and Clearing the Land displays.

The films can be viewed on Gondwana Link’s Films Vimeo channel, we hope you enjoy watching them. There are so many organisations and individuals supporting and being supported by Gondwana Link, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to showcase some of the stories.

A small team, led by project coordinator Margaret Robertson, was involved in producing the films. Many thanks to Frank Rijavec (videographer), Teresa Ashton Graham (editor), Keith Bradby, Amanda Keesing and Nicole Hodgson. And a huge thank you to everyone else involved in making the films.


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© Raana Scott - Carnaby cockatoo in flight, flame grevillea