Before and after photos at Chingarrup

Before planting began at Chingarrup Sanctuary, 2005. Photo Barry Heydenrych.

Before and after photos are starting to tell a good story. The photo points on Chingarrup Sanctuary show the establishment of 40ha of vegetation through direct seeding. The first photo was taken 26 October 2005, when the planting in April that year was just germinating. The second photo shows, from 7 August 2007, shows great establishment and growth. The planting was funded and arranged by Greening Australia as part of their Reconnections program, and planted by Jack Mercer using a modified Chatfield planter.

By all reports Chingarrup’s owners, Eddy and Donna Wajon, are more than happy with the results. That’s understandable!

Two years after planting was undertaken at Chingarrup Sanctuary, 2007 Photo Barry Heydenrych.


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