Another 1300 hectares

Greening Australia’s Glen Steven

Another 1300 hectares of restoration starting soon! Congratulations to our friends in Greening Australia who have just secured significant funding from the 20Million Trees program for an impressive 1300 hectares of plantings in Gondwana Link’s Central Zone, to be completed in the next two years. That will see some 1 Million trees above two metres and, we expect, at least another million shrubs and understory (a million plants a year!). That’s a lot of habitat, particularly as it follows on the past three years of ambitious plantings by Greening, also funded through the 20Million Trees program. Greening’s Glen Steven (pictured) has been out there with Barry Heydenrych and others monitoring early growth on last year’s direct seeding, and tell us excellent results have been achieved. Congratulations on that, and congratulations on hitting the ground again with such a significant contribution to the work of achieving Gondwana Link.


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© Raana Scott - Carnaby cockatoo in flight, flame grevillea