A flourishing program thanks to your help

Eucalyptus lehmanni flower bud. Photo by Amanda Keesing (of course!)

From the weird and whacky world of south western plants, we bring you the ‘eucalypt’ version of where we have got to with Gondwana Link. This Eucalyptus lehmanni bud has one delightful flower out, another on the way, and lots more just needing some sunlight. When they are all out together it is an amazingly beautiful sight. Well, we reckon all the wonderful people and groups working across Gondwana Link also have their first efforts flowering, and lots more starting to emerge. That’s also wonderful to see.

Our eucalypt trees and mallees are tough, and flourish wherever there is sunlight, some rain and soil. Gondwana Link is also pretty tenacious, and the program celebrates its 14th year this August. This year we are doing OK for sunlight and water, but we do need money to keep going, and we don’t often ask you to help. Your contribution would be greatly appreciated, will make a big difference in meeting our very low overhead costs, while also helping the biologically richest part of Australia remain biologically rich. Details on where to send your donation, and how to get your tax-deductable receipt, are at: http://www.gondwanalink.org/Donate.aspx. Thank you.


By donating to Gondwana Link you will be helping us to reconnect country across 1,000km of south-western Australia.

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