Our vision

Reconnected country across south-western Australia, from the wet forests in the southwest corner to the dry woodlands and mallee bordering the Nullarbor Plain, in which ecosystem function and biodiversity are restored and maintained.

Gondwana Link is the most exciting thing that is happening in restoration in Australia, if not the world.’

Professor Richard Hobbs, University of Western Australia


From Queensland to Gondwana Link

Bill and Jane Thompson always wanted to be active participants in a large conservation project so they moved from Queensland and bought “Yarraweyah Falls”, a 1500 ha property in central Gondwana Link.


Nowanup Ranger seed collection training

Through a partnership with Greening Australia and Woodside, the Nowanup Rangers undertook accredited training in native seed collection. A short video tells this story.


Keeping a close eye on who’s there

For several years the Ngadju Rangers have been setting up remote cameras to monitor what’s happening when they aren’t there. The rangers have used them to monitor whether malleefowl are using a nest, what animals are using a water source, who lives in hollow logs, and what animals are visiting the recently burnt country.


Exciting stuff

A very strategic tea towel

A very strategic tea towel

Apparently we've said for many years, after looking at far too many strategic documents that run to 50-100 pages, that a strategy isn't strategic unless you can print it on a tea-towel. Then ...
‘Tracing Gondwana’ exhibition opens

‘Tracing Gondwana’ exhibition opens

Thank you to everyone who joined us on 19 November to celebrate the opening of the 'Tracing Gondwana' exhibition at Midland Junction Arts Centre. Congratulations to the exhibiting artists ...

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