Keeping a close eye on who’s there

For several years the Ngadju Rangers have been setting up remote cameras to monitor what’s happening when they aren’t there. The cameras can be used to monitor a range of situations. The rangers have used them to monitor whether malleefowl are using a nest, what animals are using a water source, who lives in hollow logs, and what animals are visiting recently burnt country.

Feral animals, such as cats, donkeys and camels, are huge problem in Ngadju country. They trample habitat, eat the plants and animals, displace native animals from their habitat and cause erosion. In addition, the Ngadju people are very concerned about the effect feral animals have on precious and valued water sources. Ferals often die in water sources such as gnammas (rockholes filled with water) or pollute them in other ways (excreta, wading in them).

Here are a series of remote camera photos showing the animals that are using a large gnamma. Photos courtesy Ngadju Rangers and Mick Griffiths.


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© Raana Scott - Carnaby cockatoo in flight, flame grevillea