Category: Monitoring

  • 08th September 2011

    Busy birds in revegetated areas

    It’s springtime across Gondwana Link, and birds are doing what birds do in spring. Over the past few years there have been very encouraging results coming in from Bush Heritage’s…

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  • 31st March 2009

    Monitoring – an ongoing job

    Bush Heritage Ecologist Angela Sanders is well into their Ecological Outcomes Monitoring for this season, with sites being checked on all of the main properties across the Link’s Fitz-Stirling area….

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  • 04th October 2007

    If we build it will they come?

    A major challenge across Gondwana Link is finding the time and resources to evaluate the work done so far and the response of the wildlife. Bush Heritage Australia is showing real leadership with…

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  • 05th October 2006

    Bush Heritage’s Ecological Outcomes Monitoring

    Mal Graham begins the first Ecological Outcomes Monitoring session on Chereninup Reserve. This program is carried out across Australia at most Bush Heritage reserves and is designed to tell us how the…

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